Jaunt with Jane

Jaunt with Jane is a Jane Austen themed weekend held in Lyme Regis annually. This coming year the event will be held in 4-7 November 2016.

Jaunt with Jane is a fully loaded weekend of fun. Experience the world of Regency Lyme Regis & feel as Jane Austen did with jolly jaunts about town & strolls over the sunlit clifftops. Lyme Regis is a truly breathtaking place. There really is nothing like walking along the Cobb Harbour, feeling the breeze slowly sweeping through your hair & rustling your skirts, just as Jane Austen would have done & Jaunt with Jane provides a fabulous opportunity to do just this!
Enjoy the wonderment of fine food & dance, good company & even watch the sun bath the shoreline as it rises over the highest point on the south coast – the gilt-crested Golden Cap. Enjoy activities that Jane Austen would have adored but never had opportunity such as meet Diana Shervington – a direct descendent of Jane Austen’s brother who also grew up at Chawton House! Diana is a rather interesting lady, with a fabulously expressive voice & exclamatory tone, whose life story, stories about Jane Austen & display of Jane’s belongings will leave you absolutely enthralled.
If you’re feeling like a break then this is the perfect restorative tonic for you! When Captain Wentworth first sees Anne Elliot after 8 years’ absence, he believes that she has lost her bloom, but a few days in Lyme Regis restores Anne’s colour & they are once again together.
Let the restorative tonic of re-enactng Regency Lyme give you a bloom.
Whether watching the wondrous crashigng waves, or watching the patter of the seabirds
The rolling notes of the Oyster catchers blee, blee, blee roll in the air, poising for a moment, then rolling into the distance. Schvwee schvee, shoowoosh….schvwee schvee, shoowoosh….Almost as though they are competing with the catchers, the waves suddenly jump out, silencing the seabirds with their sound.
For your own restorative & a fine time in Regency Lyme, book you Jaunt with Jane ticket now.

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31 thoughts on “Jaunt with Jane

    • Hi,
      Here’s what’s included:
      -Meet Jane’s relation, Diana – a really lovely, extremely unusual lady – keep checking the website for videos of her), & hear a talk by her – you will even see some of Jane’s belongings (without glass in front of them)! Enjoy this while devouring a cream tea made especially for you by Lyme’s finest hotel – the Hotel Alexandra
      -Access to buildings that would normally be out of bounds to the public, such as those used as sets in filming.
      -Walk along the sunlit cliffs of Ware common to Pinny on the Undercliff – the closest we have to a jungle in the UK and the nation’s largest nature reserve. We do this just as Jane would have done & exactly what she writes about in Persuasion
      -Museum Entry – to see Jane’s belongings housed in the museum at Lyme Regis
      -Tour Lyme Regis, following in Jane’s footsteps & those of her characters – see the spot where Louisa Musgrove fell on the Cobb, see the Harvilles’ house & also see where Jane stayed with her family.
      -Promenade along the front with everyone else in 1800s clothing, if you wish.
      -Watch the sunrise with the rest of the group from the beach. Bring a beach towel & blanket!
      -We are also hoping to get together enough people for a bit of a dance. The restaurant venue for the Saturday night meal have given us the go-ahead for a late license and floor space to dance – all we need now are people wanting to dance!
      -Pro photographs of the ENTIRE weekend which will be available for free download after the event, with the option of a printing service if anyone wants this.
      As more people book and suggest elements they would like to see included, I will be adding more.
      Accommodation is not included, but there is a range of accommodation in Lyme to suit every budget. Anything from £25 a night to the infinite £s.
      If you would like help finding accommodation and give me an idea of budget (via the contact form) I will help you find something suitable.
      Thanks, Natalie

  1. Is travelling from Lyme to other locations included, as I would be
    coming from London by train ?
    Coule you also give me an idéa of the time schedule ?
    Thanks for the great idéa.
    Dominique waiting for your kind answer.

    • Hello,
      The nearest train station to Lyme Regis is Axminster (just 3 miles away).
      Train travel is usually from London Waterloo I believe and takes about 2.5 hours to Axminster. It also is very cheap if you book well in advance.
      Once you are in Lyme everything is included, except accommodation. There is a range of accommodation available. Something to suit all budgets.
      Thank you very much for the compliment on my idea! I arranged this festival because it is something I had always thought would be such fun! Especially with lots of other people.
      Please let me know if you would like any help finding accommodation as I know most local property owners & hoteliers so can often get better deals!

  2. We go to Lyme on holiday often – there in Aug this year and I love the sound of the weekend so please keep me updated. Jill

    • Hi Jill,
      Thanks – I will add the email address attached to your wordpress account to the mailing list 🙂
      Or if you would like a different email address added to the mailer, please would you provide it via the Contact Form.
      Thanks again,
      Jaunt with Jane

    • Hi
      What’s the level of ability please? We have disabled people on the tours regularly but could do with knowing level of ability in order to judge accurately. Please use the contact page to let me know if you like or comment here.

      • Thanks for your response. I cannot walk more than a few yards (with a stick) so wanted to know if the areas visited would be suitable for my electric scooter or a wheelchair. I’m talking about not too uneven etc. and are there steps etc.
        Are there parts of the tour that maybe I could join in, if it’s not all accessible for me.
        Also would you be able to recommend a hotel with a room for ‘disabled’ with shower/wet room etc.
        Looking forward to hearing from you.

      • Hi, One of the 2 tours is completely accessible by wheelchair, as are the rest of the events. The second tour onto the Undercliff Nature reserve is not, but there are plenty of other areas of lyme that are an many other attractions you could visit while others are doing this. Most of the hotels have some kind of access that you mentioned, but one that I know has facilities is The Royal Lion Hotel 01297 445622. Their breakfast room is up some stairs but I know in the past form having worked there years ago that they will serve breakfast elsewhere in the hotel for those that can’t make the stairs. They are much better to deal with on the phone than by email. The Alexandra Hotel is probably also worth trying.

        On 10 June 2014 11:59, Jane Austen Lyme Regis Weekend wrote:


  3. Hi there. thinking of joining in the Jaunt with Jane weekend. However, we would need to leave Sunday due to working at a school and cannot get time off. Are you able to offer accommodation for the Friday and Saturday only?

    • Hi
      The best option wild be to choose the weekend ticket with no accommodation and then book your accommodation separately.
      Booklover’s B&B is very nice and a very reasonable price
      Lewesdon B&B is also one of the more reasonably priced places too. Not glamorous but practical.
      If you’re looking for luxurious accommodation then probably one of the nicer places is Hix b&b, Alexandra Hotel or Dower House Hotel
      Hope that helps?
      Let me know if you need any more info!
      Please can I ask how you heard about this event?

  4. Natalie, Read about event whilst scouring web for regency festivals. My sister and I have been to the Bath festival 2 years running and was looking for something different where we could still dress up, whilst not feeling a total anorak/plonker!!
    Hoping that we can pull this one off and join you.

  5. Dear Natalie, Good news! My sister and I have booked tickets for this event. We have booked accommodation at the Cob Arms. (Hoping that I have made a reasonable choice!!)
    Just a few questions. We will be driving down on the Friday afternoon. Expected ETA 7.30 – 8 pm will we be in time for the get together that evening?
    Can we expect hoards of Austen revellers or is it going to be a small exclusive party??
    Re the days events. Are they all close by or will we need to book taxi’s etc….
    Looking forward to meeting one and all.

    • Hi Jill – sorry for the late reply – I am running a little behind with correspondence.
      Yes there will be an evening gathering. There was a lovely turnout last year. There won’t be hundreds that’s for sure as the sizes of venues in Lyme would prohibit such large numbers, but I would expect a group of 20-30 maybe.
      You shouldn’t need taxis for anything (other than your transport to and from Lyme Regis maybe) but you may need transport if you choose the Forde Abbey excursion rather than fossil hunting.
      however, I have not collated data on that yet and will only do so closer to the time

  6. Could I have the detailed programme of the event? There is a possibility to choose only a couple things to do of the programme? If so the prices will be different? Thanks Anna Lisa

  7. Sounds lovely. Might be very tempted to join at short notice if still space. I caught up with Angela Dunford-Wood on a recent passing visit to Lyme on my way back from the West Country. She is a successful published writer and on her second book – in her mid 90s!

  8. Hi Natalie, What day is closing day for Lyme Regis as we plan to do a day trip ourselves from Bath during their festival this year.

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