tripadvisor 5 star

The event organisers, Literary Lyme Walking Tours, are rated 5* on Tripadvisor. Here are some of their reviews:

‘Loved the opportunity to walk in Jane Austen’s footsteps and to think about why she selected those particular locations for Persuasion. Was also impressed with Natalie’s background knowledge about Lyme a she pointed out which buildings were and were not present during Austen’s time. 
We went on a second tour about the remarkable Regency fossil collector Mary Anning. The heavens opened part way through our walk but this did not dim her enthusiasm. Very impressed.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyed this walk. Our guide (Natalie) had a wealth of information about Jane Austen’s stay in Lyme Regis, as well as the various ‘Persuasion’ locations. It brought the Musgrove’s visit to Lyme very much to life.’

‘A large group of us recently went on the Jane Austen themed walk around Lyme. Despite the wet and wild weather, we had a fabulous time! Natalie our guide was informative and engaging and had lots of fascinating background information. She’s very professional but also has a relaxed, friendly presentation style, enhanced by the Regency costume she wore during our tour. It wasn’t ideal clothing considering the weather but she was a real trooper.’

‘I’d highly recommend Natalie’s walks. We were a large group who did the Jane Austen walk. It was fascinating. Natalie held us in rapt attention, despite the wild and wet weather. I’m a regular visitor to Lyme but even I saw new things and learned lots that I didn’t know. Natalie has an easy style of putting across just the right information, in just the right way; being entertaining and informative.’

‘Wonderfully informative, a morning well spent!’

‘We went on the Jane Austen tour on a Sunday lunchtime – this is not usually the sort of thing I would do but I very much recommend it. Natalie certainly knows her stuff and the tour was really interesting and enjoyable, full of historical insights. I hurried home to watch my Persuasion DVD!’

‘We did the Jane Austen and Undercliff walks. Both were fantastic. With the Austen tour you could really picture the characters of Persuasion in Lyme. The Undercliff walk was truly breathtaking with fantastic views out to sea and back across Lyme, as well as an atmospheric amble through the forest. All in all a very enjoyable and informative experience, highly recommended!’

‘We were so very happy to make a connection with Natalie and the Literary Lyme tour. We had to beat feet out of town so we made an appointment with her for early Saturday. We were five minutes late but there she was, well-thumbed Austen novel in hand — ready to go. This was the perfect time to see Lyme Regis…just at Dawn as the merchants and very few morning people are out and about, but when there are no crowds whatsoever. The mist off the Ocean was just breaking and the morning silence really gave the town the 19th century feel that Austen aficionados might seek! We (a small group including myself, my wife and my teenage daughter) were captivated by our walk through Lyme Regis, regaled in the history of the village and the Austen connections. Natalie is so pleasant and well-informed and she is also just passionate enough about the literature without being overbearing. A literature buff and a non-reader really can get so much out of this experience, and if one picks the correct hour — there is simply no better way to see this amazing town. Natalie does longer tours as well and I wished we had the time to have done that as well’

‘My party consisted of two very well read women and two totally non literary men, there primarily to accompany their wives! I need not have worried. Literary Lyme’s Fowles walk and a bespoke Austen walk combined with some local Lyme Regis history proved highly enjoyable for all of us. The girls in my group, already familiar with Jane Austen and John Fowles, found the walks absolutely absorbing. For us chaps, it was fascinating and an interesting contrast to our non literary world, and I must say, a pleasure to be taken round by such a pleasant and knowledgeable guide, Natalie. The amalgam of Natalie’s own narrative with readings from the two books, Fowles’ ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ and Jane Austen’s ‘Persuation’ was particularly good in itself, but Natalie’s readings ‘on location’ at the Underhill cottage, in the wilderness of the Undercliff and on the Cobb brought everything to life; at times it was quite magical.’

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